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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
For many years I have always taken care of animals, strays & the pets of my friends & neighbors.  Eventually  I  started  my  Pet Sitting & Dog  Walking  business full time.  My  love &  passion for  animals has  led  me to  volunteering for  several  rescue  groups.  Starting with  Missouri  Wildlife,  Noah's  Wish,  &  over  20 years  with  Stray  Rescue  of  St. Louis. 

I  have had  many  occupations,  business &  career type jobs.   But,  I  find  that  I  have  at  last 
found  my  calling;  caring  for  &  helping animals.  There  is  nothing  that  is  more  rewarding 
        The   'unconditional  love '   you  get   in    return    ...  is   ...    simply  amazing  ! !                           


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